Re: Philosophy underlying LO? LO259

Jim Michmerhuizen (
Sun, 26 Feb 1995 17:47:55 +0001 (EST)

Replying to LO177 --

> places the roots of dividing of teaching (and thus our minds) up into
> 'subjects' in early Prussia, circa 1806 - 1820. He goes on state things
> that "they knew" (still talking about Prussia) in the early 1900's
> consequences of dividing things, particularly if they do it early in a
> child's life (kindergarden age), thus implying a more-or-less planned
> implementation.

I've wondered about that myself. Consider that from junior high on,
we need (or believe that we need) multiple adult teachers to teach our
children individual subjects. Consider any arbitrary student, taking
six courses from six different teachers.

What is it that's supposed to fit into one student that can't fit into fewer
than six adults?

There are more different kinds of people in the world than there are people...