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Keith Cowan (
Sat, 25 Feb 1995 16:57:27 -0500 (EST)

Replying to LO218 --

> <snip>...... To hint at the shared
> vision beyond what I've said elsewhere in this conversation: given that
> we can't know the future, and that our shared vision will suppress
> individual expressions of it, what will happen as circumstances change the
> vision? If the response is that we'll have to re-engage in that kind of
> conversation, then how about having the conversations be constantly alive
> and not about any particular future. That is, in each of these
> conversation, the meaning of "shared vision" seems to disappear and
> transform into dialogue for endless possbility. (Which is closer to what
> I want to express as an alternative.)
> Mike McMaster <>

The best shared vision I ever created was the result of asking each
functioning unit for their perspective on where they wanted to go and what
they wanted to accomplish (avoiding the V-word) then consolidating their
input into a "shared vision" which needed no buy-in because it already
contained their desires. In a subsequent opinion survey, our group of
100 plus people had the highest regard for their vision and the best
collective commitment to it. People came to find out "my secret" but
when I described the above process, it was not profound enough for them.
You see, it is just a common sense process, not the "silver bullet"
they were seeking to gain their QUICK FIX!

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