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Replying to LO227 --

For other readers of the LO list Joe Sensenbrenner has written at
least 1 Harvard Business Review Article in which he details bringing
quality to the City of Madison. Titled "Quality Comes to City Hall"
it's a worthwhile read for overcoming the inertia of organizations.
March/April 1991 HBR.


Welcome to the list!

Would you share some anecdotes including some of the obstacles you
found as mayor in transforming the organization of city government
into one which at least had an learning orientation towards customer
service and reducing costs?

We'd benefit greatly from a discussion that leads us to understanding
the difficult choices faced by leaders in building key sources/people
of dialogue with leadership.

BTW, Joe, I thought the Sensenbrenner from Wisconsin that is now in
Congress was you, apparently I was wrong, is that person a relative?

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