Re: Training Models and Planning Models LO242
Sat, 25 Feb 95 09:53:01

Replying to LO226 --

TR Schumacher, responding to Bill Fulkerson's call for a thread on models
design, described his own design of a simulation exercise used for
executive training.

I am especially interested in the use of simulations for training and
education, with an emphasis on developing non-threatening analaogies to
everyday experience. My sense is that by observing behaviors during a
simulation, the trainer can "get at" issues that would only otherwise
arise in a conflict-generating atmosphere, and that the simulation
provides a safe environment (cover?) and also a fun experience.

I'm not sure this is the same thread that Bill asked for originally, and
I'm not sure either whether this ongoing dialogue is the right venue for
that discussion, and would like to hear from some other participants if
they feel this is too great a departure from our principal inquiry.

Specifically, Terry asked: "I am interested in other experiences and
anecdotal information that members of the list have." I will share my
experiences directly with Terry, if you all prefer, or we can carry that
conversation on here - "out in the open".

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Host's Note: I think that discussion of simulations (including computer
simulation models) would be very valuable discussion on this list. 

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