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Sat, 25 Feb 1995 22:22:55 +0800


The LO field is quite strong here in Singapore. Peter Senge will be down
for a series of seminars in early April. There have been a number of
postgraduate work at the universities here too.

I'm currently attempting my masters thesis on the effects of IT on
organisational learning. Before launcing this work, we at the Information
Management Research Centre (IMARC) are working on the etiology of
organisation learning. This should be done and be ready for presentation
at the comming TIMS conf. here.

Help in the above areas will be greatly appreciated. Ideas and comments
are welcome & I'll try, on behalf of my collegues here, to keep u all

Other areas of research I'm doing are on:

1. Software development contracts - legal issues
2. Sourcing Strategies in Singapore
3. GSS research
4. IT & Org. Learning - Masters Thesis
5. IT Contract workers

More will be added on as we go along!

Hope to here from u all!



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