Pay for Knowledge Schemes LO230

Fri, 24 Feb 95 13:37:54 PST

A consultant friend of mine is attempting to design a "pay for
knowledge" scheme for a manufacturing organization with a union
work force. Here's what he means by pay for knowledge:

Worker A with defined competency set "a" earns (say) 19.20/hr
Because the employer is interested in multi-skilling, that is
having employees able to perform other tasks/jobs outside their
competency set they are encouraged to learn new skills/knowledge.

Questions my consultant friend is interested in include:
Who has done this before and what are some existing schemes?
How can such a scheme be implemented? What are the pitfalls?

If anyone on can point to individuals, references, other lists,
or comments I will pass them on to my friend.
(Soon he also will be an internet surfer...but in the meantime...

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ph 604 660 5903

Tim J. Sullivan
Ministry of Health