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Fri, 24 Feb 1995 10:05:03 MST

Replying to LO152 --

I am always troubled by the notion that learning is a periodic issue in
peoples lives. Fromthe experience I have had over the past 45 + years on
this planet, I have come to the conclusion that learning is the stuff of
life and is constant throughout. What is learned or re-learned is most
often individual and with the increase in the experiential base the
corresponding need to integrate what is to be learned with what is
believed to be known. (another learning experience)

As for clasroom and educational institutional practices of the "Student"
many are coping mechanisms for continuing what ever learning is possible
for the individual within a system that is practiced in delivery focusing
predominately on a limiting process for exposure, that being the way the
leader/teacher learns best. Those approaches are changing but slowly. This
morning on my way into work It struck me that the higher-educational
system in North America particularly (mostly undergraduate level) is an
extension of the teacher centered learning process(pedagogy) and it takes
a toll.

Now that we are looking toward learning at the organizational level to
lead the change into the next paradigmatic zone, we are transposing the
school room to the org.. The innovation is more in the novelty of
classroom at work, but that is now beinging to be questioned.

What I feel this is all about is the realization that, do what we will
people will persist in learning and the organization needs to gather
sources and resources learning from each member and the community just to
survive. The changes will continue and the ear needs to be solidly on the
ground and encouraging a flexible and varied respose pattern. Some will
need the measurability for assurance that the future will be, others will
need varyingly to know that the right ideas are present and available,
still others will need to .............and the variations continue many
with value that id desparately needed.

Where this will end up I am not sure but the future will be different,
part recognizable and a large part changed as we are now in the process of
building the future with new untried tools.

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