Intro -- Joe Sensenbrenner LO227
24 Feb 1995 10:01:34 CST

Intro Joe Sensenbrenner

I'm rather new at this.

My experience is primarily in government (legal counsel and chief of staff
to Governor Lucey of WI, three terms as mayor of Madison WI) and TQM
related learnings.

My principal learning focus is on learning in the public sector. I would
like to invite subscribers to explore "self organized learning" in the
public sector.

"Self-organized learning" as I use it here is activity engaged in by
people who are interested in learnings in a general subject area, come
together to pursue that learning, have no "expert" as a traditional
"teacher", individually volunteer to undertake inquiry into aspects of the
initial subject area for sharing with the group, and who persist in these
efforts as they learn more, others join or benefit from the learning etc.

Examples include the First and Second States" Quality Forum, the Minnesota
Quality Conference, the South Carolina State Government Quality Network
and eight "Member Discussion Groups" of the Madison Area Quality
Improvement Network.

My longer term purpose is to understand adult learning better with a
special interest in non-business settings. I'd like to help public
servants do a better job and lead more fulfilled lives. I anticipate that
learnings will be useful in the private sector too, but not it is not an
initial focus (except in the literature).

In learning,

Joe Sensenbrenner