Re: Postmodernism -- switching epistemes... LO211

Thu, 23 Feb 95 11:29 EST

Replying to LO147 which was mis-labeled as LO129:

I'm new to the lo stuff, but have 8 years experience
at being a parent. I would love to hear any ideas you have
about bringing the lo ideas into the realm of parenting.
I too feel that my job as a mom is more important than any other job
I hope to get (finishing a master's in I\O psych. this May)
Sometimes if I can translate whatever I'm learning to some
application, it makes it stick for me.
Elaine Fredendall

Host's Note: I'll pick this one up with two thoughts:

1) This learning organization work has affected me much more deeply than
I ever expected. I think by working hard to help others get into the
learning org habbit, it's helped me be a better husband, parent and friend.

2) A group of us were talking a couple of years ago about the tough
challenges which nearly all our clients were facing -- we began getting
into a downer, something like, "How will we ever be able to learn all
that we have to learn." At that point, Sheryl Erickson responded, "Our
children will show us the way."

-- Rick Karash,, host for learning-org