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Tim Dalmau (
Thu, 23 Feb 1995 23:21:52 +1100

At 08:16 PM 2/21/95 GMT, Michael wrote in LO193...

>This issue of commitment is important to our way forward. The term is
>used almost exclusively as an assessment and its one of the big "phantoms"
>that is said to be the source of success or failure. I suggest that its
>_only_ a term of assessment and is merely a description of internal states
>based on interpretation of feelings (internal) or behaviours (external).
>It is far too frequently used as the explanation of failure which leaves
>us with little but exhortation to try and get some.


>A last thought about commitment. Whatever internal states or external
>manifestations that it is referring to - and I think these are wonderous
>to behold when present - the source of it is much less individual and much
>more social, environmental, dialogue-generated than our reductionist
>social theories and psychological theories recognise.

Could not agree more .. I have always thought of commitment (as also of a
motivated workforce) as an output rather than an input, elusive process or a
causal state.

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