Measurement Instrument LO208

Nick Bontis (
Wed, 22 Feb 1995 20:47:58 -0500

Many of you were interested in my research activities regarding
organizational learning and the development of a measure for intellectual
capital. This note is a brief summary of my plans.

As an initial pilot test, I will be developing a (survey/questionnaire).
The unit of analysis (and therefore the respondents) will be at the firm
level (one representative manager per firm). I will be testing my model
and questionnaire results using the PLS (Partial Least Squares)
statistical programme which is most common for exploratory modelling.

My 'n' (sample size) will be relatively small for this pilot stage of the
research programme (this is more a function of time and money more than
anything else). My initial objectives are to make sure that my items are
valid and reliable and that my instrument is efficient in size. I hope to
receive extensive feedback from the test pilot respondents.

I plan to have a rough draft of the instrument completed by mid-March and
I hope to have the results back from my pilot study by mid-April. After I
learn what I did wrong, I hope to test the instrument on a larger sample
of firms over the summer.



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