Training Models and Planning Models LO200

22 Feb 1995 10:58:10 GMT

I would like to start a thread on models. In particular, what experience
have you had in creating both planning models as well as training models?

Training models are like TeleSIM mentioned in the WSJ (Business War Games
Attract Big Warriors - Thursday, December 22, 1994). It was developed by
Coopers & Lybrand and Thinking Tools, Inc. in conjunction with and with
the support of NYNEX and Pacific Telesis to develop a "shared awareness"
among managers. A manager competes against several high level (i.e.
coarse grained) agents by making decisions related to marketing, growth,
and regulation. The common experience developed with TeleSIM is the basis
for common understanding among fellow team members and other communities
in the organization. i.e. subordinates, peers, and superiors.

Planning models while still interactive in nature are more tailored to
strategic issues such as resource and asset allocation. Obviously, an
initial concern is model validation. What are other pertinent issues?

I would appreciate any anecdotal information you wish to share. In
particular, what sources exist to develop either training or planning
models. As usual, I expect your comments and experiences will be both
interesting and useful.

Bill Fulkerson <>