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Wed, 22 Feb 1995 11:57:07 +0200

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Nick (and all you others), I would like to hear any experiences/research
settings for measuring key components of "LO". I'm planning an empirical
setting to conduct a research (for my doctoral thesis, I think just a small
data sample) to define the most important concepts of learning organisation.
I'm concentrating on knowledge intensive organisations (consultancy sector,
information service dept.).

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>Hello, my name is Nick Bontis and I am a first year doctoral candidate at
>the Western Business School in London, Canada.
>I am very interested in developing a measure that taps into the Intellectual
>Capital of a firm. This idea was recently discussed in an article in
>Fortune magazine describing the organizational learning efforts of a variety
>of firms, namely, CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce) of which I was a
>former employee.
>I would be very interested in speaking with anyone who has worked with or
>developed such an instrument (survey - questionnaire) in either the fields
>of org. learning or intellectual capital.