Re: Postmodernism -- switching epistemes... LO196

Michael McMaster (
Wed, 22 Feb 1995 07:54:32 GMT

Replying to LO147 by Sean Gawne, which was mislabeled LO129 --

In response to Sean, thanks for this. I look forward to
finding and reading Standing By Words, because I love
the other works you mentioned and have returned to them
for many years. I also love the reversing of flows that your
responses indicate. Each time I'm caught in some area of
thinking that has been received but not thought - caught
by a twist in expression or point of view - then I'm

Postmodernism for me is about dialogue and inquiry. And for
me, that is the heart of intelligence and learning.
Its also not nearly as difficult as most writers seem
determined to make it. I find that its easier to discuss
postmodern approaches and to engage in deep dialogue with
welders and shop floor workers than with managers. The best
conversation I ever had in the area was with about 70 of the
workforce in a chemical plant in West Virginia after we "got
through" their instance that they were just hillbillies.

Thanks for this breath of fresh air.

Mike McMaster <>