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Mike Dilworth (
Tue, 21 Feb 1995 10:10:18 +0000 (GMT)

On 18 Feb 1995, Carol Anne Ogdin wrote in LO156:

> There is, in addition, yet another form of organizational memory that
> can only emerge when people collaborate. Have you had that magical ex-
> perience of working with a group of colleagues where each individual's
> contribution (a product of *their* memory) seems to stimulate an even
> richer memory-based synthesis from another, the whole group spiralling
> up to ever-richer interactions and productivity? (I sure hope you have
> it's exhilarating!)

> But my point is this: We can harness modern technology (mail lists,
> newgroups, collaborative tools like Lotus Notes) to facilitate this rich
> source (and conduit) of organizational learning. We're actively working
> in these areas, and are about to perform a multi-client "best practices"
> project to find out what works best. My question to all of you: Who
> else is toiling in this vineyard? Who else is coupling technology to the
> LO?
> --Carol Anne
> From: Carol Anne Ogdin <>

I am in fact undertaking something similar for my Phd. I have just
finished a four week investigation of two work groups within an
organisation. hopefully I will repeat this field research within 5 more
organisations over the next 7 months or so. Although my research is not
dedicated wholely to the investigation of technology as an aid to
organisational learning, as a "believer" of CSCW I adopt a multi-disciplined
and faceted approach to the use of technology to support collaboration.
Organisational learning is therefore an area of interest to me.

At present I am starting to draw together the information collected
during this field research and so am not in a position to come to any
substantive conclusions (it may also take two more organisations) as yet.
However, I have come across some interesting situations and practices
which I hope will be useful to my research work.

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