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Sun, 19 Feb 1995 07:45:03 -0500


The problem with rolling the ball up the hill is that when you let go it
doesn't just slide back down again, it rolls back on top of you. As far as
immaginary conceptual fantasies.. isn't all memory and thought an act of
immagination anyway?

>Either-or and both-and function only after the chiasmatic duals have
>differentiated. The chiasm exists prior to that complete >differentiation.

What is is! The differentiation is an act of my own immagination. After I
have created the duality I begin to believe it and am no longer willing to
consider reintegration back to the chiasm for I perceive it as not
possible. What an enemy I am of myslef.

I found Csikszentmihalyi's "The Evolving Self: A Psychology for the Third
Millenium" and his earlier 1990 work "Flow" to be very thought provoking.
I would recommend that if you read "The Evolving Self" you can skip

>Integration is also a possiblity but it does not refer to the chiasma. I
>wonder if chasm and chiasm are really the same word. Just occured to >me.

When I first saw 'chiasm' it was 'chasm' that came to mind, yet now they seem
to be opposites. Chiasm would remove the chasm.

I found a copy of Heidegger's "Being and Time" on my shelf, maybe I should
get off the net long enough to read it.

>Integration of the duality is not always possible because in the very act
>of establishing the duality you have precluded its integration.

I choose not to agree with this! I will not limit my future by saying that I
have created a problem that I can't solve. If I created the duality then I
can create the chiasm or a reintegration---especially if I understand that
the duality was of my own creation to begin with....

>Have you figured out how to pull off integrations such as these? In
>engineering which I am most familiar with this is the heart of the >design
problem. How to attempt to integrate a system in the face of >wicked probelms
in multiple dimensions.

The problems are not wicked, it is I that am wicked. My solutions are limited
by what I believe. Very often I have found that the solutions I see for what
appear to be intractable problems are such simply because I am looking for
the solution in the wrong place.

>Following the lead of Taoism one might instead attempt to change >the
situation when the wicked arising problems are still young and >mutable. Or
you might go back prior to their arising and attempt to >change the context
so they will not arise in the first place. This latter >strategy is the one
pointed at by the existence of the Chiasma prior to >the arising of the Chasm
between dualistic opposites.

One of my currently limiting beliefs is that I can only operate from here
forward. If you have figured out how to go back in time to change the context
so the problem doesn't arise in the first place please enlighten me!

As you mentioned Taoism, have you seen Forest Gump? The image that repeatedly
came to mind was that of "a willow in the wind."

I have to let my head rest again. I expect the rest of the mail in my in-box
will rather restful after this.

Gene Bellinger...