Senge Telecasts and one-day events LO167
Sun, 19 Feb 95 11:38:29

Replying to LO144:

Rick, thanks for posting the info regarding Senge broadcasts and public
appearances. In my role as team leader of CCI's Learning Organization SIG, I
have arranged for the Council for Continuous Improvement to buy the
videoconference series. The sessions are open to all member organizations of
CCI, but I believe the site for the March 7 downlink is quite capacious. If
anyone on this list is located in the Silicon Valley region, and would like
access to the broadcast, let me know here and I will try to arrange it. I
believe the actual site for March 7 is in San Jose. I'll check and re-post
next week.

On a similar note, Chart House has begun production of a series of videos
"illustrating" the five disciplines. I have seen the video on "Personal
Mastery" which is quite good. My understanding is that they are about to
release "Team Learning" and the other three will be released over the next
year, about 3 months apart. Does anyone here have more information than that?
Anybody else seen "Personal Mastery" and care to comment?

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