Re: Philosophy underlying LO? LO166

Robert Levi (
Sat, 18 Feb 95 16:03:28 +0000

Replying to LO142:

I have a very simplistic answer to Joe's inquiry that I hope doesn't
negate the depth of your inquiry:

Is it possible that the "linear" spreading of the old mechanistic
worldview (i.e. from Descartes to Newton to Darwin, etc.) doesn't apply to
this "new" emerging paradigm (given by your examples)? I know this sounds
stupid, but maybe it's possible that since the new emerging paradigm is
wholistic and systemic in nature, that it arose that way also...not having
a "cause" so to speak, but more coming out of a "distributed" learning
paradigm spoken of previously?

If this is the case, and I'm not sure it is, then there doesn't
necessarily need to be a "father" of the new paradigm, thus there need not
be any dogma, fame, name-giving (i.e. Cartesian for Descartes), etc. to can truly be an organic emergence of self-referrent
morphogenetic cycles of understanding in many different fields all
interacting with one another.

So much for history, eh?

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