Intro -- Mara Wasar LO160
Sat, 18 Feb 1995 16:41:30 -0500

I went back to school after a short 19 year break. I enrolled in a program
specifically for adult learners. In this program you could finish off your
BA in 60 weeks. The university that I chose was National Louis University
in Wheaton IL. The program is great and it is up to us how much we chose
to learn. Much of the program is based on self directed learning and
experiential learning. We formed a group when we started and are still
together. We do quit a bit of group work and discussion. No tests. I feel
it much like a LO. The experince for me has been great. I have learned
more than I thought was possible and in a short period of time. Part of
the program is a research project that is based in behavioral science and
relates to you personnelly. My completed project is due May 30th which is
the last night of the program.

I picked LOs to research. The company I am currently employed at is about
to attempt to take the journey of becoming a LO. I wanted to be prepared
and wanted to be able to help. My past experience with things the
executive committe has decided to act on is the real reason why I wanted
to learn more about LOs. There has been a long history of no communcation
and things not well thought out. I am hoping this time it will be
different. Let's hope they have figured that out and that is why they want
to start the process of becoming LO.

I have read a couple books that I thought were prety good besides Senge's,
Sculpting the LO by Watkins and Marsick and Learning in the Workplace by

Have alreday learnd a lot here and hoping to learn more,

Mara Wasar
Director of Loss Prevention
Elek-Tek, Inc ( A computer reseller:super stores, catalog and
Skokie, IL direct sales)