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Ali Rashada (
Sat, 18 Feb 1995 11:31:09 -0800

Cathie Leavitt wrote in LO136:
>Liked your article. I agree that American managers (and probably most of
>the rest of us) are uncomfortable with changing the way we think and
>challenging our basic assumptions. After all, if the system works for us,
>why challenge it? For me, the motivation to examine my assumptions has
>grown out of the pain and hollowness of living a life out of balance with
>natural laws. Challenging my deepest assumptions about work and people is
>scary. These assumptions have formed the ground of my life until now; if I
>challenge them, I start to feel the ground shaking beneath me. Who will
>save me then? (We are so accustomed to believing in an external source of
>salvation: a new theory, belief, system of government, way of doing
>business, the right job, the right relationship.) Unless I have some inner
>source of courage to confront my pain and see what is true, I will retreat
>to the comfort of my illusions. The real question is, how do I develop
>this kind of courage? Can I help my friends, co-workers, and my child to
>develop it?
>Cathie Leavitt

The real motivational factor is God. Not only God though, but the
realization that he has a Plan for us. Realizing that there IS a specific
route that humanity is SUPPOSED to take, and that if God designed that
route, then it must be good, gives us the ultimate Focus. The plan of God
is for us to evolve to our highest point, mentally, physically (and after
that spiritually and immaterially), emotionally and in all the other
facets that define existence and personality. One of the main problems
with people today is that their goals extend for a fixed period of time,
and usually deal with material gains. Once those material gains are
accomplished, the immaterial desires are still left unfulfilled. Even the
major religions of today teach that people are basically sinners and there
is nothing more we can do to improve our lots other than admit to being
really bad, and asking God to change us. We have to realize that we are
not bad, or doomed, but simply need to continue our evolution; That the
problems that we face are from using primitive systems to deal with
increasingly complex situations, and that everything other than
continuosly trying to improve ourselves is a complete waste of time.

Your children, family and friends need to be taught that there are not
here to become rich, gain friends, or even rule a country. These are all
superficial, temporary goals that will fade with time. They are here to
participate in the adventure of life, always seeking to advance to a
higher level, And help others do the same. This basic goal does not
exclude anything other than negativity. Anything that promotes this goal
is acceptable and desirable.

Using this line of thinking, we can see why our world is so messed up
right now. With businesses' main goal being to financially inrich only the
highest levels of the organization, they cause people to shirk their duty
of helping everyone, and since that is against their very reason for
existing, it should and does cause an uhappiness and an emptiness in all
but the hardest of hearts. Acceptable business practices such as burning
food to insure a good price is directly opposite to the plan of
selflessness and love presented by God, and there is no way that humans
living in a world created by God can choose to disobey (I don't like
disobey because we do have a choice) his plan and yet still have things
work out the best possible way.

If you examine this world and view every decision made, you would see that
most choice are made to benefit a small minority of the people, logically
meaning that the majority will not benefit. There is no way to to live in
a Good World if we don't do what is necessary to make the world Good.

Peace Love Happiness and Success

Ali Rashada

Rejoice in the Lord for he is great and wonderful,
and he has made it your destiny to evolve and be great.

Ali Rashada