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My name is Magnus Nystedt, I am a student in business administration at
the College/University of Karlskrona/Ronneby in Sweden. I have been
reading this list for about a month now and I have also read all the
messages at the gopher at It was quite a lot, but I must
say that it is extremely interesting to hear all of you out there discuss
topics that I myself just recently have begun to examine.

Since I am new to this list, I thought some kind of introduction would be
in order. All introductions I have read are most interesting, hopefully
this spread some light on who I am and what I do.

Here goes nothing..... I study business administration and this is is my
third year. I plan to get a masters and then, if possible, continue in the
academic world with research and/or teaching. On the more personal side I
can tell you that I manage a Macintosh-network for a company and I also
write product-reviews for the swedish MacWorld magazine.

This spring I am going to write a paper together with a friend of mine who
is also a member of this list, Selver Krpuljevic. The subject is how to
create a learning organization within a nuclear plant. What is good
practice and how to distribute good practices throughout the organization.

We have done some reading in the area of learning organizations. "The
bible" of course- Peter Senge "Fifth Discipline" and Chris Argyris
"Knowledge for action" and a few others. We would like to get in touch
with people who can give us tips as to what books/magazines we should
read. We'd also appreciate e-mail-adresses to people who have experince
that is similiar to what we are going to look closer at- learning
organizations and nuclear plants. Also hints as to what we can find on the
internet relating to the subject, would be greatly appreciated.

I very much look forward to discussing the concept of the learning
organization with all of you. Opinons, tips, suggestions etc are greatly
appreciated from all members of the list (and others of course).

Many thanks in advance,
Magnus Nystedt
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