Re: Fadism LO150

Andrew Moreno (
Sat, 18 Feb 1995 10:45:37 -0500

Replying to LO136:

Cathie Leavitt wrote:

> Unless I have some inner source of courage to confront my pain and
see what is true, I will retreat to the comfort of my illusions.
The real question is, how do I develop this kind of courage?

Trying to confront and overcome pain assumes that pain was
there. There is a different approach to doing what you want.

Make doing and going for what you want so compelling that you do it
easily. Have you ever been absolutely, utterly compelled to do something?
Sometimes, I've wanted to wash my hands a second time or eat that last ice
cream bar in the fridge or talk to a girl in my real estate law class. To
build a compulsion, find out it's structure and replace the present
conetnet with something that you want to be compelled to do. You could
worry about issues that may pop up when you change your assumptions or you
could install the belief that issues that were limitations disappear when
new beliefs and assumptions are tried on.

What is true? What is truth? We can't know ultimate truth.
What we can do is build functional beliefs that enable us
to get what we want easily and effectively and in ways
that serve us and those around us.

Andrew Moreno