Re: Essence LO134

John Conover (
Thu, 16 Feb 95 00:41 PST

Michael McMaster writes in LO125:

> Reply to: LO90
> My response to "energy flowing through a system tends to organise it" is
> that energy flows don't organise anything. In my very limited
> understanding, energy flows are also subject to entropy. What isn't
> subject to entropy, what creates neg-entropy, is information. Information
> is what organises.

Don't forget that entropy (both the physics and information types,) is
an information-theoretic concept. So, it would appear that information
(or energy,) flowing through a system would tend to organize it.

For particulars, (light reading,) see:

address = "New York, New York",
author = "John L. Casti",
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and for more formality, in case you have insomnia:

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