Renewing corporate culture LO128

Caldwell, Scott (
15 Feb 1995 14:56:43 U

Hello: I have been lurking on the list for several months, and now I have
a specific request for help. My name is Scott Caldwell; I am an internal
Organization Dev. consultant for a large staff model HMO in Seattle. We
are currently undergoing the same kind of rolling, tumultuous change as
other healthcare organizations. Specifically, we are undergoing a period
of "downsizing" and restructuring.

I have been asked to design a plan for how my part of the organization
(about 3500 employees) could revitalize/renew/rebuild the work culture in
order to support breakthrough performance. I am very familiar with the
L-O literature -- as is the organization in general -- and I have done
some parts of this work but on a much smaller scale. I have not read nor
met anyone who has done this kind of cultural renewal work on a large and
comprehensive scale. Is there anybody out there who has who would be
willing to talk with me? Can anyone direct me to resources you have found
useful? Many thanks.

Scott Caldwell
phone: 206-326-2102