Re: Individual/organization relationship LO126

Michael McMaster (
Tue, 14 Feb 1995 18:28:38 GMT

Reply to LO95:

I'm delighted to hear a reference to families and schools as "learning
organisations". If its useful to distinguish entities as "learning
organisations", which I doubt, then these must fit the requirements.
After all, they are composed of agents (human beings) that learn by their
nature, that learn by just existing, and that learn whether or not they
intend to.

It may be that we'll get more power considering what they are designed
for, how they operate, and what else they are concerned with besides
learning. A mainly may be more a teaching organisation and have
controlling purposes. A school, in my personal experience was far more
interested in teaching and control than in learning.

But a family is an ideal learning organisation - particularly for the very
young - because it has the nurturing, supportive, "for the members"
environment that promotes learning. -- Michael McMaster

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