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Wed, 15 Feb 1995 13:24:30 -0600

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Hi Joseph and thanks for the reply. The perception or allusion of control
is just that - a perception and/or allusion. We agree and thank you
again. I believe that the "delay" occurs in the balance or support of
looping indicators, in that the "realization" of the "idea" of control is
not readily welcomed as there does not appear to be something to take its
place. How about if we do some work on and with ourselves and each other
in dismantling the perceived need for a control that, in fact, is not
attainable. I believe it is the apprehension of "bing controlled" if we
don't try to control ourselves that is he double loop assumption giving
fodder to the allusion. What think you? To plunge forward with the
notion of "getting" people to work in teams, teamwork, networking is only
reinforcing the allusion or perception of control. Don't you think?

How about if we deal directly with the need for the perception of control
and put energy there and then let the teamwork and networking evolve
as a natural course from this course...comments on this discourse????
Thanks again...................

In message LO32 Myrna Casebolt writes:
> On the
> other hand, a morphic resonance (concepts of Sheldrake et al) could
> seep into our consciouness and overtake (euphemistacally!) this awful
> naggin fear of not having control..

Yes managers think they have control. The paradox is that the more
they have people reporting to them, piles of paperwork to do and lots of
questions to answer (which could easily be answered down the line if
the people there were empowered to do so) the less control they have
in reality.
Nothing is happening slowly.

The first step is to realise you don't have control anyway, and then the
second step is to get those people out networking taking initiatives, team
working, taking responsibility, learning on the job, and then telling you
about what they have achieved.


Joseph O'Connor