RE: Intro -- Gene Bellinger LO120
Wed, 15 Feb 1995 13:41:28 -0500

Gene Bellinger writes:
>The question is, "Is there a way to preclude the concepts of The Learning
>Organization from being reduced to a formula, and then a fad?"

I don't think that you can. In many ways a lot of them already have, in
the current trail of fads left behind. What this provides though is an
opportunity for those who truely want to build LOs to understand that it
is more than formula, and quick fix. That it is an ongoing process.
Major efforts to stop the tendency toward such a reduction just divert
energy away from those resources that would be better spent on
construction of working LO examples. That is not to say that those of us
dedicated to LOs should not bring attention to misuse of concepts when we
see them.

Steven Morris.