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Wed, 15 Feb 1995 11:08:23 -0600

Reply to LO109

Change Agents - Joe Kilbride's recent post on why TQM and the Learning
Org. are seen as fads rather than transformations was one of the more
astute descriptions of this problem that I have read. These approaches
really are deep changes. Just read Deming again, it is a philosophy, not a
quick fix. In my consulting experience, these approaches are seen as
"parasites to existing SOPs" rather than as totally new SOPs.
We are not a patient nation. Even in elementary school we are
taught to learn new concepts in a limited time (semester) and if we don't,
we are punished (with the silliness of grading). Yes, some adults can make
the psychic transformation that is necessary (and it is not aged based,
some literature shows that older workers are more amenable to change than
younger workers). So my current thinking on these issues is one, are the
personality constructs that make some people amenable to these
transformations transferable to others? (I think much of "the problem" has
to do with the dominance of authoritarian personality types in humans -
which is a response to fear and insecurity), and (2) we probably should
start in Kindergarten, if these are systemic changes then we need to start
when institutional socialization into the larger "system" starts. Thank
you, Mr. Kilbride.

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