Re: Speed, Technology, Progress LO100

Jim Michmerhuizen (
Mon, 13 Feb 1995 20:07:16 +0001 (EST)

HA! Bravo! High-fives all around, Stever! This one goes into my little
archive of _great_wisdom_of_the_west_! I've never read a more succinct,
straight, unvarnished, dead-on statement of this fact than yours here.

I'm not joking. The death of learning in our "educational" institutions
is - I believe - one of the most important features of the cultural revo-
lution we're living through. And that gives a special importance to the
activities of groups like this one: something, somewhere, has to replace
what schools used to do... .


On Thu, 9 Feb 1995, Stever Robbins wrote in LO53 (mis-labeled as LO16):
> ...
> You obviously don't work at one, if you still have room to suspect
> that academia might engage in learning. I'm absolutely astounded at
> the total lack of learning that happens in academia. Coming from
> industry, I've found academia far more resistant to new ideas than
> companies whose livelihood actually depends on results.