Intro -- Tim J. Sullivan LO99

Mon, 13 Feb 95 14:42:06 PST

I currently coordinate staff development, education and training for the
Youth Division of Forensic Psychiatric Services, a tertiary provincial
service under the Ministry of Health in Vancouver, British Columbia,
CANADA. This might seem like quite a hop, skip and and jump from my PhD
dissertation (Chemistry, 1974): Monte Carlo Simulation Studies of the
Liquid State. BUt stepping stones in the pond have included: clinical
research with the Cancer Contrl Agency, an extended walkabout in the human
potenial movement in the 70's and early 80's, another PhD dissertation,
this time in psychology: Effect of Body-Image on the Self-Concept, a
coordinating role in ana experimental software development project
atempting to embody autopoietic concepts and a graph-theoretic model for a
self-organizing system (enneagon) into a project management system,
consulting in business infomatics, a personal and long exploration of two
modern "mystical" schools which help ground me Buddhist Process Thinking,
Object Relations Theory and the methods and means to alternate ontic
states but more importantly opened my heart to its owm wisdom and
intelligence, and finally to a deep interest in learning organizations
inspired by Senge and the pardigm of continuous quality improvement (both
porsonal and corporate) that seems to be inform-ing (imfomare) the next
and emerging social vision (maybe).

Many of the questions others are asking also interest me. My own
organization has attempted a CQI/TQM initiative in the last year and we
have discovered what the literature tells us: that without top management
commitment AND the skills to support it then not much really happens. As
has been commented on here many times, the ability for the org to learn is
paramount. WE also have a culture fractured between management
bureaucrats, MD's (Psychiatrists) and a plethora of other professionals
whose supreme value is "independence".

I would like to "listen" and learn here and comment when I feel
inspired or sufficiently brilliant.

Staff Development, Education and Training
Youth Forensic Psychiatric Services
MInistry of Health
Burnaby, British Columbia V5G 3H4
CANADA Phone 604 660 5903 Fax 604 660 5815

Tim J. Sullivan
Ministry of Health