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Mon, 13 Feb 1995 11:42:05 MST

Replying to LO86:

Emergent Phenomena!

Thing to thing, self-order to self-order, fact to fact, object respond to

If I have learned anything about human systems it is that they are built
on consensual assumptions. Organizations operate from an order that was
constructed through interactive pattern formation, based on decisions of
the moment, based on consensual (of the gathered decision makers)
percieved best choice at the time. These patterns form of a need to build
and maintain the organization. Without them the organization fades from
memory. As our learning proceeds we change our perceptions both as an
individual and a group. These knowledge changes cahnge the assumptions and
influence the org. to change. Learning experiences coupled with
environmental experiences order and reorder life.

Chaos, selection and order, patterns integrate, influence and respond,
move to chaos, make a choice and reorder part or whole. Sounds like a
normal evolution of organizations. If the order comes for free we are
inherent in the pattern evolution and there are not emergent phenomena as
things but progressive evolvement of patterns that occassional become
observable but the progression is continous. As the electron positon is
identified we have only evidence of where it was and the pattern has
already moved on. Learning supports our ability to integrate perceptions
of what happened with those of what could. When the emergent is known the
pattern has moved on. When the theory has formed the pattern it was based
on has changed.

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