re: Re: Shadow Work LO89
Mon, 13 Feb 95 17:01:20 AES

Replying to LO67

Tim -

Sorry if I didn't communicate clearly. The the term 'archetypes' as used in
Shadow Work is directly from Jung. They are the 'Warrior', 'Magician',
'Lover' and 'Sovereign'.

You are correct in saying that different disciplines define different
archetypes (using the term 'archetype' as per its dictionary definition of
'pattern, model or prototype') as appropriate to the particular discipline.
In fact, anytime there is a pattern, model or prototype used for anything it
may be accurately called an 'archetype'.

However, in the case of Shadow Work, the specific archetypes are Jung's, not
Senge's System Archetypes as described in "The Fifth Discipline", Appendix 2.

I hope this clears up some of the confusion. Thanks for bringing it to my

Bob Nordlinger