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Sun, 12 Feb 1995 10:37:52 GMT

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Hilda Tiessen writes:
> I am interested in this notion of postmodern perspectives articulated below:
> I would suggest that managers need to 'reframe' their views
> of employees if they are to encourage a learning environment
some material deleted

> the
> focus does not seem to be on the implications for "manager's views of
> employees.


I have some material prepared by the Center for Postmodern Management, a founding member of The Praxis Group, used for workshops in the area you're exploring. As an example, it explores the use of "vision" as mainly one of exhortation and suggests the cost of such practices in organisations. I then provides a postmodern alternative approach. These programmes are no longer being done but the material is available on request.

The framing of the question points above points at what I consider to be a major limiting factor in these conversations. That is, we continually focus on individuals (managers, employees) and their relationships rather than beginning by looking at organisation - the phenomenon at that we are interested in. Where do "managers' views of employees" come from if not from the organisational structures and the meta-narratives of management. Surely we don't think that these common views somehow arise from individual creativity.

It seems to me that if we change the meta-narratives, structures and practices of our organisations through inquiry, dialogue and development we can count on new views emerging which will suite us and our interest in organisational learning much better. If there's something to "reframe", lets focus on our view of organisations and the relationships of human beings to them.

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