Re: Is speed/technology really progress? LO79

Joseph O'Connor (
Fri, 10 Feb 1995 08:32:35 GMT

> One of the big
> questions in human organizations concerns whether or not emergent,
> self organizing, behaviors exist, or probably more importantly, how to
> control them (or whether they can be controlled, for that matter, and
> if they can, how do we do it.) Can an LO exhibit self organizing, or
> emergent behavior?

Really interesting question John. I have no doubt that these
emergent behaviours do exist. Can they be controlled - perhaps,
but not directly at the logical level they manifest. So for
example I can try to control my heartbeat and make it beat
faster and little will happen, but thinking of a frightening
situation will have the desired effect.

I think an LO probably can exhibit self organisaing emergent
behaviour, perhaps like what is commonly called a culture, and it
is at the individual level where you get the leverage. When
individuals behave like they are in a learning organisation then
they will create one, providing the structures are in place. Is
this what you mean, or are you going a level higher and saying
that an existing LO will show further emergent patterns?


                      Joseph O'Connor