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Fri, 10 Feb 1995 08:05:37 GMT

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> One of my main interests is how to show the linkage between learning and
> business results. One of the things I HAVE learned (so to speak) by my
> work in information systems and quality is that business managers are not
> impressed by the intrinsic intellectual beauty of these disciplines. They
> want to taste the beef. I'm still trying to document the beef in learning
> organizations.
> Right now, at least, I think that the key is tied to the word
> "competition." So, I'd like to work with those who are trying to show how
> learning organizations achieve quantifiably improved business results
> (e.g., increased profits, growth, market share).
Hello Joe,

This topic interests me as well. I am writing a book at the
moment for Gower Publishers on managing, and I am arguing
heavily in favour of learning organisations and drawing ideas
from the fifth discipline etc. At least it will add its weight
to the idea and perhaps interest managers in LOs and what goes
with them.

As you say, where's the beef? So I echo your plea for
quantifiable improved business results. It would be nice if I
could use them in the book.


                      Joseph O'Connor

----- Host's Note: Usually I take short replies and forward them directly instead of posting them on the mailing list. But, I'm posting this one because Joseph seems to be asking all of us for examples of quantifiable improved business results, a request in which I know many of us have an interest.

So -- How about some examples of places where the learning organization ideas are paying off in important ways (bottom line... or other important ways)?

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