Re: learning organisations and schools LO72

Sat, 11 Feb 1995 09:48:59 -0600 (CST)

Our Host added to my previous msg:
> Chris - In what way is your school "ripe for making the transition"?

Hello Rick - what's ripe? - well extremely low staff morale mixed with
plenty of cynicism from boss management and mismanaged attempts to change
in the past - a general staff recognition that 'we're not doing it' as
well as we could but a deep distrust of the leadership to effect needed
changes - an approach to staff development that focuses on the bits and
pieces, hit and miss but never getting to essential learning of basic
knowledge of Quality or L-O that must be understood and shared by all
before systemic and transformational change can begin - no one I work with
would know what I just said - a group of teachers was formed to act as a
steering committee but none - that's not one - has any current knowledge
of organizational change, ie; they have never heard of Deming - but they
want to do 'something' because their 'bosses' want to be seen as doing
something and who knows it might lead to promotion - now who's the cynical
one? - actually that's what they've told me privately - the top leaders
such as principals and superintendents think that Quality is/was a fad and
have never taken the time to really do some serious study - and yet, there
is enormous potential for the 400 teacher/ educators in this community to
make a serious commitment to change with vision - I've been digging around
for just a few people to get into the literature - sharing readings etc. -
shaping my teaching around Qualtiy principles and techniques both at the
high school and with my education classes at the university - I've had
lots of visitors and observers come around - they seem genuienly impressed
with what they see happening but?? - are there a few good people willing
to wade in with me? - I dunno - just wait and see I guess - Chris