Re: Myrna's PsychoSystems LO57

James E. Blanchflower, C.M.A. (
Fri, 10 Feb 95 10:50:01 -0500

>Myrna Casebolt introduced herself and wrote:
>>psycho-dynamically trained; see a very
>>interesting and "quantum" relationship to
>>Senge"s (et al) 5 disciplines
>>concept and teachings of others; especially
>>psychoanalytic thought.
>Hi Myrna,
>Well now, your intro ought to trigger an interesting thread. Many people
>would find systems and psychoanalytical approaches to organizations to be
>an unusual convergence. (Actually, it would scare the bajeebers out of
>some people I know.)

Check out the "Object Relations" school of psycho-dynamics. Especially the
work of Otto Kernberg who wrote very extensively on the effect on groups
within organizations and leadership.

From: (James E. Blanchflower, C.M.A.)