Myrna's PsychoSystems LO55
Fri, 10 Feb 1995 00:29:56 -0500

Myrna Casebolt introduced herself and wrote:

>psycho-dynamically trained; see a very
>interesting and "quantum" relationship to
>Senge"s (et al) 5 disciplines
>concept and teachings of others; especially
>psychoanalytic thought.

Hi Myrna,

Well now, your intro ought to trigger an interesting thread. Many people
would find systems and psychoanalytical approaches to organizations to be
an unusual convergence. (Actually, it would scare the bajeebers out of
some people I know.)

A few years ago, I (with a social-systems background) investigated the
processes of projective and introjective identification, e.g., an
organizational consultant or facilitator may function as the recipient of
unwanted thoughts projected by group members and may adopt and enact such
attributions, group dysfunctions, or other organizational charactistics.
As you can imagine, examples such as these can be both threats and
opportunities to the facilitating mission, depending on the agent's
understanding and mastery of the process.

The presence of system dynamics was obvious, but I saw no evidence of
cross-discipline exploration. I integrated what I needed operationally,
but to map these and other psychoanalytic concepts to systems thinking and
learning organizations as formal theory and for dissemination would have
required energy I didn't have to spare at the time. (The traditional
sketch of psychoanalytic thinking as centered on the individual only
confounded the premises further, except perhaps when applied to the leader
-- Stephen Covey's "architect" of the system.)

All of which is to conclude, I think it would be very instructive if you
and others of your background would extend your remarks into a dialogue on
this list (and beyond) seeking to map psychoanalytical constructs onto the
Learning-Organization paradigm.


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