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Dr. Ivan Blanco (BLANCO@BU4090.BARRY.EDU)
Wed, 8 Feb 1995 15:53:43 -0500 (EST)

> From: Myrna Casebolt <MYRNA@WP.DHSS.STATE.WI.US>
> I think this is a very real issue you raise. Actually, this so-called
> resistance or apprehension to what we have decided to call "change"
> may very well be because of the notion of "where do I fit in?" On the
> other hand, a morphic resonance (concepts of Sheldrake et al) could
> seep into our consciouness and overtake (euphemistacally!) this awful
> naggin fear of not having control.. If we help one another receognize
> that control is but a perception anyway and that our system of being
> with self and others and the universe can only be understood by being
> and looking at our being, then maybe we can evolve together. It stikes
> me that evolution takes so long because we only evolve when we are
> ready to. And.....when threat winks at's hard to be ready. What
> do you think?
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I would like to say that the statement "... we only evolve when we are
ready to." may not be totally accurate. We change and evolve, even when we
don't want to, or are not ready for. Of course, that this evolution or
change may not be in a positive or forward (relatively speaking) direction.
Let me use an extreme example. The natives in the Amazon are not changing
or evolving as the rest of the world is. But becuase they have not
changed, and they haven't even been concerned with that change, "they are
farther away" from us in terms of evolution. The more they wait to change
or evolve, they farther they will be from us, which represent a change in
their position relative to other humans. This is a negative change!

BTW, this argument is the strongest one I use to justify organizational
learning. If we don't develop a learning culture in our organizations,
soon they could look like the natives in relation to other organizations
that do learn!

Am I making any sense? Ivan,

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