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C. B. Willis (
Wed, 8 Feb 1995 12:47:49 -0800 (PST)

I like the term "development" rather than "change". Change implies
we're not OK, and seems to many to invalidate all of the hard work and
good intentions that brought us to the present point. Development says,
"OK, here we are in the present set of circumstances, what are the next
steps to be even better, to get even better results?"

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> I think this is a very real issue you raise. Actually, this so-called
> resistance or apprehension to what we have decided to call "change"
> may very well be because of the notion of "where do I fit in?" On the
> other hand, a morphic resonance (concepts of Sheldrake et al) could
> seep into our consciouness and overtake (euphemistacally!) this awful
> naggin fear of not having control.. If we help one another receognize
> that control is but a perception anyway and that our system of being
> with self and others and the universe can only be understood by being
> and looking at our being, then maybe we can evolve together. It stikes
> me that evolution takes so long because we only evolve when we are
> ready to. And.....when threat winks at's hard to be ready. What
> do you think?
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> K.C. Burgess Yakemovic wrote:
> > While I may be wrong, I suspect that the list members have, as a group,
> > characteristics that would make them ill suited to copy clerk jobs. But
> > we must be careful about rearranging the world so that all the jobs
> need
> > to be filled by people like us... because all the people _aren't_ like us. >
> > Some didn't finish high-school. Some can't read. Some may have
> learning
> > disabilities... or physical disabilites. Maybe they're in the "average"
> > catagory... finished high school but have no college or vocational
> > training. If we aren't careful there will be a few jobs for highly
> > skilled,educated people... and some jobs requiring manual labor, but no
> > "thinking"... and no jobs for the vast number of people who fall "in the
> > middle", ability-wise.
> There is a group of futurists who claim that the pace of technology WILL
> put semi-skilled people out of work - receptionists and operators
> replaced by voicemail, secretaries by PC/WP, file clerks by disk
> management software, etc.
> This means that those who do not have the aptitude or attitude for
> picking up new skills will be unemployable in sufficient numbers.
> All the more reason why the building of L-O is critical to enable
> continuous reskilling rather than downsizing...Keith
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