Re: learning organisations and schools LO36

Tue, 07 Feb 1995 19:44:05 -0600 (CST)

Sidney Boyle asks if there are any schools out there that have deliberatley
moved towards building shared vision, team learning etc.? - working in part
within a fairly large secondary school that is 'ripe' for making the
transition but its leadership only mumbles the talk, I'd like to know the
answer to Sidney's question.
Host's addition:

Chris - In what way is your school "ripe for making the transition"? Are
you saying that the leaders want to make the transition and don't know
how? Or that they know they need something, but don't know what and
aren't sure the learning organization concepts are the right ones?

This question cuts across all kinds of organizations - schools, industry,
government. How do we take organizations that are "ripe" and in need or
this wonderful "stuff" and get the transition going?

I suggest you're got to have some people who decide they really care
about doing this and just start it. It has to be a few people; it's just
too hard for one.

-- Rick Karash,, host for learning-org