Intro -- Terry Johnson LO33

Terry Johnson - (
Tue, 7 Feb 95 06:57:44 -0800

Hi, my name is Terry Johnson. I work at National Semiconductor in
South Portland, Maine. I am in product development and have been
working on bringing Learning Organization concepts into our
organization for the last year and a half. I just became aware of
this forum and I am very excited about joining.

I have lots of interest and questions. Particularly I am interested in
how people have brought the concepts in and the associated issues and
opportunities. I am also interested in exploring fundamentals and
philosophies regarding the disciplines. The other topic that has been on
my mind lately has to do with organizations as biological systems and the
ecology of our organizations and the larger systems.

Terry Johnson Phone: (207)775-8214 Fax: (207)761-6137