Intro -- Myrna Casebolt

Mon, 06 Feb 1995 11:11:24 -0600

Thanks for the nice welcome. I am looking forward to dialogue on the net
with everyone. My background is psychology; interested in systems
thinking for the past 10 years; psycho-dynamically trained; see a very
interesting and "quantum" relationship to Senge"s (et al) 5 disciplines
concept and teachings of others; especially psychoanalytic thought. I
believe it is critical that we connect with one another about switching
paradigms and doing all we can to facilitate an environment in which
linear thinking is replaced by insightful and fun systems thinking. (I'm
especially fond of the term in that I used it many years ago to try to
explain the concept and didn't get many thanks to the Senge

I work in health care and we have coined a phrase:"GLITCH HUNTS NOT WITCH
HUNTS"! My first contribution to the loop. Eager to hear from people.

From: Myrna Casebolt <MYRNA@WP.DHSS.STATE.WI.US>