Re: Intro -- Joseph O'Connor LO17

Joseph O'Connor (
Sun, 05 Feb 1995 02:52:22 GMT

Hello to all on this list. I heard about it from Stever. I work as a
writer, trainer and consultant in London England. I had (have?) a past
life as a musician playing and teaching the guitar, whereupon events
conspired over the last few years to change my track substantially!

I enjoy learning, for me it is one of my most important values in anything
I do.

I have always worked independently, and see many organisations as places
where you actively have to stop learning in order to survive. At the
moment I am working in partnership with a small organisation, that very
much exemplifies a learning organisation on many different projects, some
internet related, many involve writing.

I am currently working on a book for managers trying to integrate a number
of ideas - People are most important, 'firms' are not firm any more,
'organisations' are increasingly disorganised and have to be in order to
survive, and information and learning is paramount. Mangers need skills,
especially people skills if the ideas that Senge set out in the Fifth
Discipline are going to work. I see myself as attempting to make these
real through practical applications.

Looking forward to sharing the virtual whirl pool


                      Joseph O'Connor