Re: more models are better LO11

Robert Levi (
Sat, 4 Feb 95 11:21:04 +0000

Kent writes:
>In an anthropology film
>there is a four-person hunting party: leader, shaman,
>hunter, and joker. The leader and joker, and the shaman and
>hunter, don't like each other, but all the other relations
>keep the group integrated and balanced.

When I read this well-done analogy, I immediately thought of work I'm very
familiar with that goes by the name of Shadow Work. It is based on four
archetypes that are present in every human being. These archetypes are:
Soverign (king, leader)
Warrior (hunter)
Magician (shaman)
Lover (joker)

These are represented as sides of a pyramid looking like this (from Moore
and Gillette "King, Warrior, Magician, Lover":
| \ Soverign / |
| \ / | It's supposed to be a square, but oh well.
| \ / |
| \ / | In this model, the Lover and Warrior are opposing,
| \ / | as are the Soverign and Magician.
| Lover \/Warrior|
| /\ | They write, "Each quadrant represents in a way a distinct
| / \ | 'program' or biogram encoded with psychological potentials
| / \ | necessary to a cohesive and fully functioning human self..
| / \ | All of these programs must be adequately accessed, then
| / \ | balanced against one another in a healthy, dynamic
| / Magician \ | tension."

I highly recommend the book, as well as the work. It is extremely
beneficial for learning about the parts of one's self that we are most
afraid of.


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