Technical Difficulties LO1

Richard Karash (
Mon, 6 Feb 1995 20:07:55 -0500 (EST)

Well, we've had some technical difficulties! You may have noticed that the
learning-org list has been quiet since Thursday 2/2. We are *not* a quiet
group! I have been dutifully distributing incoming messages, but I have
learned that none went out to you!

And, I am sorry to say that we do not know what kept the messages from
being distributed for three days, only that the channel is now open again
(based on todays "test message").

I will begin sending the missing messages and then catch up with today's
traffic. Because of the uncertainty, I will number all messages with
"LO##" at the end of the subject line for the time being.

Other Notes
1) Please sign your messages with name and email address. Some of our
subscribers have mail readers which do not display the address of the
message sender.

2) When you reply, please think about whether you want to reply directly
to the sender or to the whole list ( Most
mail systems permit you to do either; learn how to do so on your mail

3) Use the "Subject:" line to help readers be selective. If you're
starting a topic, choose the subject line carefully. If you're continuing
a topic, use the same subject line, exactly. And if you're replying to a
message, but changing the topic, formulate a new subject line.

4) If you're replying to a message, help you reader know which one. Some
mail programs help you quote part of the message; if your's doesn't, then
start yours with "So and So said, 'Key phrase'" or "Sally asked about

5) Internet e-mail is 98% reliable; some does *not* get through. This
usually occurs when some computer between us and you is down or
overloaded. This happens even with the large commercial vendors (e.g.,
we've had two instances when messages to America On-Line did not get
through due to back-ups on their end.) I get an average of ten
"undeliverable" notices for each message that goes out to the 800
subscribers on the list, and I can give them only a very cursory look. If
you are missing a message, try to check the archive with gopher.

6) Send feedback to me, anytime.

Thanks for participating, and I hope you're enjoying the list!

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