Building a Larning Community

Jim Campbell (
Thu, 02 Feb 1995 08:58:41 MST

In Lethbridge we are forming the base of a learning community and I would
like to hear comments, observations and questions on our approach.

The perspective/approach I see building here in Lethbridge are
collaborative development groups - interorganizational in makeup. We are
building two convergent groups, a Total Quality Transformation "movement
"and a group of about 40 organizations loosely joined called the Community
Training Partnership(CTP). The Quality, a program lead by the local
community college, includes about 6 organizations. It's a movement because
the links are being built after intraorganizational involvement rather
than before. The CTP has the following vision.
"The Community Training Partnership will bring needs and resources
together in projects of general interest to the larger community while
providing encouragement and support for partnershiping of two or more
where common interests and needs are identified. The three words naming
our innovative organization, define what we are seeking to achieve:
community, training and partnerships, focusing our ideas and energies on
building a vibrant, high quality, local collaborative response to our
organizational and working needs in a changing world."
The CTP members were surveyed to establish focus areas around which to
build dialogue, partnerships and projects, sharing time and resources in
an effort to build on the existing resources and reducing duplication of
effort, also building knowledge and relationships in the whole community.

Where these two begin to converge is in the common members and groupings
that keep both Quality and CTP in close contact.

I see these groups having a dramatic effect in creating a centers of
learning that are interactive/collaborative/supportive of all types of
organizations in Lethbridge. The current membership(there is no formal
membership process) is based on interest and commitment expressed through
participation and that is strong. There is a will to collaborate in this
community and a strong sense of the need to share the learning.

I look forward to your comments.
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