Cybernetics lists

Fred Reed (
Wed, 01 Feb 95 09:45:58 EST

I have received several personal inquiries regarding the cybernetics
list I referred to in a recent post. Considering that there may be
others who have may also be interested, I am providing the following to
the entire list.
I am aware of 2 cybernetics lists. This is an
excerpt from the intro msg for CYBSYS-L (Cybernetics and Systems)

<This list is intended to serve all those working in or just
interested in thefields of Systems Science, Cybernetics, and related
fields (e.g. General Systems Theory, Complex Systems Theory,
Dynamic Systems Theory, Computer Modeling and Simulation, Control
Theory, Operations Research, Network Theory, Self-Organizing Systems
Theory, Information Theory, Fuzzy Set Theory). The list is moderated
by members of the Systems Science department of the Watson School
at SUNY-Binghamton, and is affiliated with the International Society
for the Systems Sciences (ISSS) and the American Society for
Cybernetics (ASC).>

To subscribe, send a
SUB CYBSYS-L <your first name> <last name>
command to

The second list is CYBCOM. Here is a "news" post about it:

<The Cybernetic Communications Discussion Group, or CYBCOM, is going to
be re-activated starting from January 1st, 1995. The list is managed by
Dr. Jixuan Hu, Deputy Director of the Center for Social and
Organizational Learning, and Dr. Philip Wirtz, Professor of Management
Science, at the George Washington University, Washington, D.C., USA.
Serving hundreds of subscribers all over the internet, the CYBCOM list
provides a trans-disciplinary forum for the participants to discuss
various issues that are related to the field of cybernetics. Topics
such as systems thinking, social and organizational learning,
self-organization and evolution, communication and coginition,
constructivist epistemology, and other frontier research questions under
the flag of cybernetics will be discussed. To subscribe, send:
"SUB CYBCOM your-full-name" as the body text of a message to:
"," to join the discussion, send your comments to:
"" Administrative requests or suggestions should be
sent to Dr. Jixuan Hu, ""

Neither list has very high traffic right now (certainly less than L-O).

Fred Reed