Janis Jagars

Janis Jagars

Robert from Distributed City (info@distributedcity.com) passes on this from:

Len Sassaman, 13 February 2003, San Francisco, CA

"My last communication with Janis was on October 11th of last year. He had planned a vacation in Nepal, and expected to return a month later. When he did not return, we feared the worst. Sadly, it turns out that our fears were true: On October 31, while descending from Lobuche summit, Janis fell 250m, and did not survive.

I am dedicating this year's CodeCon conference to Janis's memory. Janis will be missed, but his contributions will still be appreciated and utilized. It is my hope that Janis's work will serve as an example for other like-minded programmers, who chose to give their time and code in the name of free speech and privacy."

A full obituary from Sassaman can be found here.

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