Christmas Cards III

(1996 through 2005)
Each one visually summarizes our lives' events that year

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postcard of maps of places we went, made to look like puzzle pieces Side A (26k) The 7 Doran brothers & Eva at Owen & Cindy's wedding in our new hot-water heater. The Great Gray Owl. Side B (33k)
The 7 Doran brothers & Eva at Owen's wedding; The Great Gray Owl ; Conor McCann Catching. Trips to California, Texas, Nantucket & Italy, etc.

1997: The 20th card in the series

The Wall Creeper, The Sagrada familia, Gaudi Apt. Bldg & Cecy's wedding1997, our year images (51k bytes)

Go Granny Go, the snowman we built with Kiran & Nitya, Our candlelight dinner at Sirini & Raghu's the day of the sewer explosion, my invention, The company trip to Disneyworld, the Abbey in Paoli, the snowshoe hare Glenn pointed out in's all there if you REALLY look.
Ellie, Stauffer, Tom Gullick, Herman, & I got knockout looks at the Wallcreeper in the Spanish Pyrenees
Herman identified the Sadinian Warbler on Mallorca before we met any fellow birders even though I left our Mallorcan Bird Book back in Boston. The European Field Guide & Herman's powers of observation ("Look at that red eye!") were sufficient.
balcony of Casa Batllo postcard of Gaudi Apt.
Building in Barcelona
(35k bytes)
Triangle Postals/Foto Lluis Betran
The Sagrada Familia (detail) Eva leaning against the Sagrada
Familia in Barcelona
(14k bytes)

Bill Holden in his scarlet cap & gownBill Holden crashed with us on
& off the Spring he got his ph.d
(16k bytes)

Cecy in her wedding gown leaving her parents homeCecy and her mother Beatriz
in Los Mochis Mexico

(20k bytes)

Herman & I enjoyed a wonderful 4 days in Mexico, centered on Cecy & Joaquin's wedding (including pre & post wedding parties with dancing & tequlla), but including a cruise on Tompolabampo Bay (where we saw lots of bottle-nosed Dolphins & Frigate birds) and a public bus trip to the colonial town of El Fuerte. It was our first trip to Mexico, other than stepping across the border. Cecy was an exchange student at Somerville H.S. who stayed with us in 1989.

Photo of a Tabriz rugOur new (1n 1997) rug

(41k bytes)
I was going to silkscreen a (naive) representation of this rug on side b of our 1997 card... Running out of time is very symbolic of 1997.

card with green frame like the red frame of Casey's Pub1998 card (47k) watercolor of Casey's PubCasey's Pub

On the back of this card is printed our 1998 book-and-movie lists & a key to the symbols.
I substituted green paint for the red of Casey's Pub. Red clashed with the Scarlet Ibis.


1999 (53k) 20k 47k
Front: Spruce Grouse seen in Vermont; Back: Bratislava; Inside left: Andean Cock-of-the-rock and Amazonian Umbrellabird (We birded Ecuador ); Inside right: The Czech Republic
detail: The slide to y2k (27kb)


55k 47k
Each print is unique(45k);

Back: Train-bike foliage tour; On the Go Congress free day some of us rented from the Bike Doctor in Denver; Turtle in Walden Pond; Salsa Lessons (244k .rm movie clip);
The back page (19k) illustrating all this.

Front: Toyota Echo; Great Horned Owl at Mt. Auburn; Another print (21k) with a brown tree, whereas the print above has a gray tree.

Inside left: Go windows; Teddy playing Go with Paul ; Herman went to Oberammergau.

Inside right: Herman went to Australia with Field Guides; We watched the Olympics. Another print (27k)


31k We celebrate being fit enough to walk and cycle. Variations: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
A friend has a guest recumbent (15k) ;
Herman got a life mammal in Massachusetts, a moose.
The reverse side (38k) A gray jay, in an evergreen tree in Colorado.
The envelope, please (12k) The Scarlet Tanager on the address label (12k)
Key to the symbols, text (5k); Key to the symbols, jpg (49k);


Some red-and-black birds we saw in Belize plus
the Nantucket kickoff to Herman's personal best
year birding Massachusetts--320 species in 2002!

The envelope and the 4" X 5" key to the symbols (both sides)
Original , intermediate and final 3-Kings-in-a-Nantucket-Gallery photo montage.
Variations on the silkscreened back page: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Alternate digital photos of the guan and the stork: 1, 2, 3
2002 card, envelope & enclosures framed in a "Riker Mount," a Christmas gift from Bob Cooper.
I combined card-sending with networking by enclosing a designer business card in some envelopes. There is a relationship between this role icon and the identity environment icon of the return address label. (Don't ask.)


Cardboard Creche, birding chairs, coyotes and a grouse


Carolers, Red-legged falcon, and Weapons of math instruction


Clay creche, Panama and Texas

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